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The use of pesticides is an integral part of modern agriculture and contributes to the productivity and the quality of the cultivated crop. However, use of pesticides imposes a huge burden on the environment. Volatilisation of pesticides contaminates the environment, affects nearby crops, bystanders and residents but research to mitigate this environmental(More)
Indicators are used to quantify the pressure of pesticides on the environment. Pesticide risk indicators typically require weighting environmental exposure by a no effect concentration. An indicator based on spread equivalents (ΣSeq) is used in environmental policy in Flanders (Belgium). The pesticide risk for aquatic life is estimated by weighting active(More)
DISCUSS, the Dual Indicator Set for Sustainable Crop protection Sustainability Surveys, was designed to help farmers achieve more sustainable crop protection. The indicator set pairs risk indicators--POCER--, with response indicators--a management questionnaire. Both parts of DISCUSS are indicators in their own right, but the dual risk-response setup has(More)
BACKGROUND In Vietnam, large amounts of pesticides are being used in agriculture. Next to benefits for agriculture, pesticides impose a huge threat to the environment when they are used in the wrong way. The objective of this work was to determine the level of knowledge and awareness of the smallholder farmers towards the use of pesticides in Vietnam, Dà(More)
Various studies focus on professional pesticide use, whereas pressure of non-professional use on human and the environment is often neglected. In this study, an attempt was made to estimate the pressure of non-professional use of pesticides on operators, aquatic organisms and bees in Belgium based on sales figures and by using three exposure models. A(More)
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