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From emotion to action among Asian Americans: assessing the roles of threat and identity in the age of Trump
ABSTRACT The prevalence of anti-Asian and anti-immigrant rhetoric throughout the 2016 election season provides an opportunity to examine the factors shaping Asian Americans’ emotional responses to aExpand
The Anger Gap: How Race Shapes Emotion in Politics
Anger is a powerful mobilizing force in American politics on both sides of the political aisle, but does it motivate all groups equally? This book offers a new conceptualization of anger as aExpand
Race, Religion, and Anti-Poverty Policy Attitudes
Using the 2008 National Politics Study, the present study indicates that while African Americans are more likely than whites to hear sermons about poverty and other political issues, hearing suchExpand
The Ties that Bind: Assessing the Effects of Political and Racial Church Homogeneity on Asian American Political Participation
Abstract Research consistently emphasizes the importance of religious institutions for influencing political action among Asian Americans. The social capital literature offers two theoreticalExpand
Black Hope Floats: Racial Emotion Regulation and the Uniquely Motivating Effects of Hope on Black Political Participation
Drawing upon theories of group based emotion, group based efficacy and appraisal, I propose a model of racial emotion regulation to explain variations in how Black and White Americans respondExpand
Seeing Red in Black and White : Exploring Racial Differences in the Mobilizing Impact of Anger on Political Activity
As numerous studies—and the recent election season—make abundantly clear, anger is a powerful mobilizing force driving electoral participation. Drawing on frameworks provided by cognitive appraisalExpand
Anger, Agency and Action in Black and White: Racial Efficacy, Emotion & Political Behavior
This paper explores the role of racial group efficacy in shaping the emotions and political behavior of Black and White Americans. Drawing on data from a nationally representative survey and anExpand
On Dreams Deferred and Anger Inhibited