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The effect of lead on two calcium sensitive processes was determined. Micromolar concentrations of lead successfully replaced calcium in the activation of calmodulin-sensitive phosphodiesterase and in the promotion of potassium loss from erythrocytes. Both actions of lead were blocked by trifluoperazine--an inhibitor of calmodulin function. We propose that(More)
Sera from 11/30 patients with juvenile-onset-type diabetes (JOD) had cytotoxic effects on isolated pancreatic islets from hamsters when guinea pig complement was present. The cytotoxic activity could be readily eliminated by heating the guinea pig complement at 56 degrees C for 30 min, thus demonstrating a complement-dependent process. Complement-dependent(More)
Phosphoinositide lipid metabolism and prostacyclin production are implicated in endothelium dependent vascular relaxation in large blood vessels. To determine if these biochemical pathways might be involved in the regulation of microvascular tone in the retina, we measured the formation of 6-keto-prostaglandin-F1 alpha, the stable end product of(More)
Factor psis :d on the use of ilocyte colony-;) for neutrope-n a preterm in-iom neutropenia days of age and rapid resolution t of action, mag-Jorn at 32 weeks' 3endent primi-trse was remark-ient hypoglyce-7-day course of sd group B Strep-tina at ion test and necrotizing end cell and abso-rs from 7.0 and x I 0 9 k. F O ~ ~ O W-rloride and gen-:ally and he(More)
The spontaneous release of tumor cell antigens from the cell surface into the circulation has been proposed as a mechanism whereby tumors may escape the immune response of the host. In this study we have found that Ehrlich ascites tumor cells after removal from the host (mouse) spontaneously release significant amounts of cell surface components during(More)
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