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History of the Harvard ChemDraw project.
The importance of “chemical glyphs” may be highlighted by the fact that two chemists not sharing a common language may effectively communicate through the use of a series of valence bond structures and associated “curved arrow” notations. Expand
Asymmetric Synthesis of Salvinorin A, A Potent κ Opioid Receptor Agonist
The stereoselective synthesis of salvinorin A is described. A macrocyclic bis-Michael reaction cascade provides the requisite tricyclic skeleton as a single diastereomer.
New Silicon-Phosphorus Reagents in Organic Synthesis. Carbonyl and Conjugate Addition Reactions of Silicon Phosphite Esters and Related Systems
The 1,2- and 1,4-addition reactions of organosilicon tervalent phosphorus esters, XlPOSiR3(X = OMe, NMe2, Ph), with saturated and a,@-unsaturated aldehydes and ketones have been studied. TheseExpand
Diastereoselective Aldol Condensation Using a Chiral Oxazolidinone Auxiliary: (2S*,3S*)‐3‐Hydroxy‐3‐phenyl‐2‐methylpropanoic Acid
Diastereoselective aldol condensation using a chiral oxazolidinone auxiliary: (2S*,3S*)-3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-2-methylpropanoic acid intermediate:Expand
Total synthesis of (+)-calyculin A
A convergent asymmetric synthesis of the marine natural product calyculin A has been accomplished through the union of the two subunits comprising the C 1 -C 25 and C 26 -C 37 portions of theExpand
Enantioselective indole Friedel--Crafts alkylations catalyzed by bis(oxazolinyl)pyridine-scandium(III) triflate complexes.
A highly enantioselective Friedel-Crafts alkylation of electron-rich aromatic nucleophiles catalyzed by scandium(III) triflate-pyridyl(bis)oxazoline complexes has been accomplished. The reactionExpand
Synthesis of diaryl ethers through the copper-promoted arylation of phenols with arylboronic acids. An expedient synthesis of thyroxine
Abstract Diaryl ethers are readily synthesized in high yield at room temperature through the copper(II)-promoted coupling of arylboronic acids and phenols. The reaction is tolerant of a wide range ofExpand
Enantioselective Friedel-Crafts alkylations catalyzed by bis(oxazolinyl)pyridine-scandium(III) triflate complexes.
The enantioselective Friedel-Crafts addition of a variety of indoles catalyzed by bis(oxazolinyl)pyridine-scandium(III) triflate complexes was accomplished utilizing a series of beta-substituted alpha, beta-unsaturated phosphonates and alpha,beta-uns saturated 2-acyl imidazoles, which were efficiently transformed into esters and amides. Expand