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BACKGROUND It is well known that the normalization step of microarray data makes a difference in the downstream analysis. All normalization methods rely on certain assumptions, so differences in results can be traced to different sensitivities to violation of the assumptions. Illustrating the lack of robustness, in a striking spike-in experiment all(More)
BACKGROUND DNA microarrays are among the most widely used technical platforms for DNA and RNA studies, and issues related to microarrays sensitivity and specificity are therefore of general importance in life sciences. Compatible solutes are derived from hyperthermophilic microorganisms and allow such microorganisms to survive in environmental and stressful(More)
When measuring the response of peptide microarrays, the overall brightness can often differ due to differences in slide preparation or settings of instruments. If this is the case and the slides are to be compared they need to be normalised. Today there is no agreed standard method of normalisation for peptide mi-croarrays although several methods exist.(More)
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