Davide Tiranti

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This paper addresses the current knowledge on climate change impacts on mass movement activity in mountain environments by illustrating characteristic cases of debris flows, rock slope failures and landslides from the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps. It is expected that events are likely to occur less frequently during summer, whereas the anticipated(More)
*Correspondence: Davide Tiranti, Hydrology and Natural Hazards, Department of Forecasting Systems, Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Piemonte, Via Pio VII n. 9, 10135 Turin, Italy e-mail: davide.tiranti@ arpa.piemonte.it A method to predict the most probable flow rheology in Alpine debris flows is presented. The methods classifies outcropping(More)
This paper presents an integrated empirical methodology for assessing the amount of sediment transported from slopes to the main river in absence of a sediment transport monitoring system. The amount of transported sediment is calculated through the characterization of the sediment source areas including the identification of the slope phenomena responsible(More)
To understand the behavior of torrential processes in the alpine environment, the conditions mainly responsible for the occurrence of these phenomena have to be identified and distinguished as predisposing and triggering factors. In this regard, this study is aimed to understanding which factors lead to the occurrence of a given torrential processes in(More)
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