Davide Tanasi

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The aim of this paper is to present a real-time interaction system for ancient artifacts digitally restored in a virtual environment. Using commercial hardware and open source software, Augmented Reality versions of archaeological artifacts are experienced on mobile devices both in a real outdoor site as well as an indoor museum. The case study for this(More)
An important feature of the Minoan culture is the pottery of Kamares style, that documents the Cretan cultural production between the first half of the II millennium BC. This high level painted production characterized by the combination of several diverse motifs, presents an enormous decorative repertoire. The extraordinary variety of combinations between(More)
This paper describes a virtual restoration pipeline for the broken glass plates in the fund of the Department of Archaeological, Philological and Historical Studies of Catania University. This archive includes rare images of the excavation activities of the Department in Sicily and Greece. Several of the plates are damaged and fractured and require virtual(More)
In this paper the project Archeomatica of Catania University dedicated to Minoan civilization and Cretan culture is presented. The project carried out by experts of information technology and archaeological research provides the creation of realistic 3D models based on the data recorded during excavations that are digital upgradeable archives to add to the(More)
This paper deals with a project of virtual reconstruction of an entire archaeological site, the Sicilian Archaic sanctuary on the acropolis of Polizzello Mountain. This research program, called ’Virtual Acropolis’ has been developed in order to allow the experience of visiting an interactive and immersive 3D environments reconstructed in all and set in a(More)