Davide Tabarelli

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Neurons firing both during self and other's motor behavior (mirror neurons) have been described in the brain of vertebrates including humans. The activation of somatic motor programs driven by perceived behavior has been taken as evidence for mirror neurons' contribution to cognition. The inverse relation, that is the influence of motor behavior on(More)
In this paper, the topographical relationship between functional connectivity (intended as inter-regional synchronization), spectral and non-linear dynamical properties across cortical areas of the healthy human brain is considered. Based upon functional MRI acquisitions of spontaneous activity during wakeful idleness, node degree maps are determined by(More)
GRUNDLAGEN: Infektionen sind die häufigsten Komplikationen nach Organtransplantationen. Bakterien gehören zu den häufigsten Erregern, wobei Entwicklung von Resistenzen gegen Antibiotika Anlass zu besonderer Sorge gibt. Ertapenem, ein neues Antibiotikum der Carbapenemgruppe mit langer Halbwertszeit, wurde kürzlich in die klinische Praxis eingeführt.(More)
The parietal operculum (OP) contains haptic memory on the geometry of objects that is readily transferrable to the motor cortex but a causal role of OP in memory-guided grasping is only speculative. We explored this issue by using online high-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). The experimental task was performed by blindfolded(More)
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