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BACKGROUND Mycosis fungoides (MF) and pseudo-MF (or MF simulant) can be associated with B-cell malignancies, but distinction between a true neoplasm and a reactive process may be difficult. OBJECTIVES To report seven patients with B-cell malignancy and folliculotropic MF or pseudo-MF and emphasize on criteria allowing distinction between the two(More)
The Object Management Group (OMG) is promoting the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to support interaction among enterprises based on business process models. Based on this approach, we discuss in this paper how to specify performance indicators among the levels with different degree of abstraction suggested in MDA. These indicators will drive the(More)
Smart objects are present in our cities everywhere, thus it is becoming more and more necessary to have a connection platform, not only capable to make those objects talk with each other, but to present the results of their functions also to the citizens/users. Objective of this paper is the definition and development of a model that represents a connection(More)
The need for urban regeneration does not come only by structural requirements, but also by socio- cultural needs. What we are going to propose is the urban regeneration as a way to perceive, in a different way, the surrounding spaces allowing users to receive and provide a wide range of information on the urban environment. Each space of a city has a(More)
Novel Ideas are the key ingredients for innovation processes, and Idea Management System (IMS) plays a prominent role in managing captured ideas from external stakeholders and internal actors within an Open Innovation process. Considering a specific case study, Lecce-Italy, we have designed and implemented a collaborative environment which provides an ideal(More)
A possible way to enforce access control requirements when evaluating SPARQL queries is based on rewriting the queries so that their evaluation fulfills the access control policy. One may then define a new dedicated language to express access control policies for SPARQL. In this paper, we suggest a different approach based on a generic access control policy(More)
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