Davide Sartori

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BACKGROUND To estimate the cost and cost-effectiveness of a project administering de-worming and weekly iron-folic acid supplementation to control anaemia in women of reproductive age in Yen Bai province, Vietnam. METHODS AND FINDINGS Cost effectiveness was evaluated using data on programmatic costs based on two surveys in 2006 and 2009 and impact on(More)
The inspection of 2-D scatterers buried in a lossy half-space from field measurements is formulated within the framework of the second-order Born approximation (SOBA) of the inverse scattering problem. An iterative multi-scaling approach (IMSA) is combined with a two-step inexact-Newton (IN) algorithm to solve the arising problem. A set of preliminary(More)
Monitoring environmental parameters in data centers is gathering nowadays increasing attention from industry, due to the need of high energy efficiency of cloud services. We present the design and the characterization of an energy neutral embedded wireless system, prototyped to monitor perpetually environmental parameters in servers and racks. It is powered(More)
The present paper analyses the Multi‐level Governance issue for large transport infrastructures relevant at European level. The focus is posed on the activities occurring before the infrastructure implementation, which are identified as the decision making‐process. This is commonly a long and complex procedure involving a variety of stakeholders at(More)
The level of underground freshwater plays a key role in human activities, in particular in agriculture. Monitoring the level of phreatic aquifers is very important to protect and to preserve this resource. We present a smart, ultra-low power (in the order of mJ), cheap and energy neutral system capable to monitor periodically and remotely the level of(More)
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