Davide Sangiorgi

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The-calculus is a process algebra that supports process mobility by focusing on the communication of channels. Milner's presentation of the-calculus includes a type system assigning arities to channels and enforcing a corresponding discipline in their use. We extend Milner's language of types by distinguishing between the ability to read from a channel, the(More)
Two forms of interferences are individuated in Cardelli and Gordon's <italic>Mobile Ambients</italic> (MA): <italic>plain interferences</italic>, which are similar to the interferences one finds in CCS and &#966;-calculus; and <italic>grave interferences</italic>, which are more dangerous and may be regarded as programming errors. To control interferences,(More)
We study a new formulation of bisimulation for the π-calculus [MPW92], which we have called open bisimulation ( ∼ ). In contrast with the previously known bisimilarity equivalences, ∼ is preserved by all π-calculus operators, including input prefix. The differences among all these equivalences already appear in the sublanguage without name restrictions:(More)
The most popular method for establishing bisimilarities among processes is to exhibit bisimulation relations. By deenition, R is a bisimulation relation if R progresses to R itself, i.e., pairs of processes in R can match each other's actions and their derivatives are again in R. We study generalisations of the method aimed at reducing the size of the(More)
A higher-order process calculus is a calculus for communicating systems which contains higher-order constructs like communication of terms. We analyse the notion of bisimulation in these calculi. We argue that both the standard deenition of bisimulation (i.e., the one for CCS and related calculi), as well as higher-order bisimulation AGR88, Bou89, Tho90](More)
The-calculus is a process algebra which originates from CCS and permits a natural modelling of mobility (i.e., dynamic reconngurations of the process linkage) using communication of names. Previous research has shown that the-calculus has much greater expressiveness than CCS, but also a much more complex mathematical theory. The primary goal of this work is(More)