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The application of standard Information Extraction techniques to Patent Analysis has several limitations partially due to the difference existing between patents and web pages, which are the object of the biggest majority of information search. Indeed, while in other fields customized processing techniques have been developed, the number of studies fully(More)
The key factor in decision-making is the quality of information collected and processed in the problem analysis. In most cases, patents represent a very important source of information. The main problem is how to extract such information from the huge corpus of documents with a high recall and precision, and in a short time. This article demonstrates a(More)
This article presents a methodological study on the potential use of structural optimization strategies for eco-design to support engineers during the design process of green products. The structure of the traditional process of eco-design now depends on the personal skills of the designer and his ability to integrate in the traditional design process the(More)
The aim of this research is to investigate how to communicate route directions for wayfinding assistance in indoor environments including visible landmarks along the route. We propose an algorithm to automatically generate low level directions, as an XML file, that can be later translated in other languages, e.g., IndoorGML. The most suitable data model is(More)
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