Davide Proserpio

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— Cloud computing allows accessing resources across Internet transparently: requiring no expertise in, or control over the underlying infrastructure. There is an increasing interest in sharing media files with family and friends. However, UPnP or DLNA were not designed for media distribution beyond the boundaries of a local network and manage media files(More)
We present a new workflow for differentially-private publication of graph topologies. First, we produce differentially-private measurements of interesting graph statistics using our new version of the PINQ programming language, <b>Weighted PINQ</b>, which is based on a generalization of differential privacy to weighted sets. Next, we show how to generate(More)
We present an approach to differentially private computation in which one does not scale up the magnitude of noise for challenging queries, but rather scales down the contributions of challenging records. While scaling down all records uniformly is equivalent to scaling up the noise magnitude, we show that scaling records non-uniformly can result in(More)
— DLNA can be considered as a good candidate for sharing user-generated contents among household networked consumer electronics. However, commercial content sharing requires a high degree of device protection that DLNA does not provides. We propose a solution supporting acquisition and post acquisition content protection by the integration of DLNA with DVB(More)
Credit is a widely used tool to finance personal and corporate projects. The risk of default has motivated lenders to use a credit scoring system, which helps them make more efficient decisions about whom to extend credit. Credit scores serve as a financial user model, and have been traditionally computed from the user's past financial history. As a result,(More)
One of the most critical tasks when accessing services through the IP Multimedia Subsystem is the registration process. The process involves two registrations, the first with the access network, the second with IMS. This leads to an overhead authentication that introduces a big delay. This article proposes an improvement for IMS registration protocol able(More)
Spurred by technological advancement, a number of decentralized peer-to-peer markets, now colloquially known as the sharing economy, have emerged as alternative suppliers of goods and services traditionally provided by long-established industries. A central question surrounding the sharing economy regards its long-term impact: will peer-to-peer platforms(More)
Failure to meet a consumer's expectations can result in a negative review, which can have a lasting, damaging impact on a firm's reputation, and its ability to attract new customers. To mitigate the reputational harm of negative reviews many firms now publicly respond to them. How effective is this reputation management strategy in improving a firm's(More)
— IPTV Set-top boxes rely on tamper proof hardware to cope with content protection but hampers enjoying an IPTV subscription in other devices. There are solutions that share the IPTV subscription using the home network but there is no approach to make the IPTV subscription portable. This article describes a solution to delegate IPTV rights to any STB using(More)