Davide Perla

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  • D Perla
  • The Journal of experimental medicine
  • 1936
1. Removal of the hypophysis in adult rats is followed by progressive atrophy of the spleen. At the end of 2 months the ratio of spleen weight to body weight is one-half the normal. The administration of hypophyseal emulsion repairs to a considerable degree the atrophy of the spleen in such animals. 2. Hypophysectomy completely inhibits the regeneration of(More)
Systems for well-being and active aging increasingly rely on wireless technologies, as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), featuring low-power consumption. The wearable system presented in this paper consists of sensorized shoes connected via BLE to a smartphone. The peculiar streaming scenario, characterized by low throughput, but strict reliability requirements,(More)
In a large series of suprarenalectomized rats, hemolysin formation, to a fixed amount of sheep cells injected intraperitoneally (1 cc. of a 10 per cent suspension), was studied 48 hours, 7, 14 and 28 days after operation. The hemolysin formation was studied in suprarenalectomized rats injected 2 weeks following the operation, with one-twentieth and ten(More)
An aqueous lipoid extract of ox spleen was prepared which protects adult male albino rats of carrier stock in a large percentage of instances against Bartonella muris anemia following splenectomy. It is suggested that the extract contains a specific hormonal substance.
Bilateral suprarenalectomy in rats lowers the resistance to a subsequent infection with T. lewisi. Almost 70 per cent of these rats die within an average period of 5.8 days after infection. The multiplication of the parasites in the circulating stream is not more considerable than in rats previously normal nor is the duration of the disease in the surviving(More)