Davide Michieletto

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We study the dynamics of ring polymers confined to diffuse in a background gel at low concentrations. We do this in order to probe the inter-play between topology and dynamics in ring polymers. We develop an algorithm that takes into account the possibility that the rings hinder their own motion by passing through themselves, i.e. "self-threading". Our(More)
In this paper we study the role of topology in DNA gel electrophoresis experiments via molecular dynamics simulations. The gel is modelled as a 3D array of obstacles from which half edges are removed at random with probability p, thereby generating a disordered environment. Changes in the microscopic structure of the gel are captured by measuring the(More)
Three-dimensional interphase organization of metazoan genomes has been linked to cellular identity. However, the principles governing 3D interphase genome architecture and its faithful transmission through disruptive events of cell-cycle, like mitosis, are not fully understood. By using Brownian dynamics simulations of Drosophila chromosome 3R up to(More)
Gap junctions, also referred to as electrical synapses, are expressed along the entire central nervous system and are important in mediating various brain rhythms in both normal and pathological states. These connections can form between the dendritic trees of individual cells. Many dendrites express membrane channels that confer on them a form of(More)
One of the most important problems in development is how epigenetic domains can be first established, and then maintained, within cells. To address this question, we propose a framework which couples 3D chromatin folding dynamics, to a " recolour-ing " process modelling the writing of epigenetic marks. Because many intra-chromatin interactions are mediated(More)
The static and dynamic properties of ring polymers in concentrated solutions remains one of the last deep unsolved questions in polymer physics. At the same time, the nature of the glass transition in polymeric systems is also not well understood. In this work, we study a novel glass transition in systems made of circular polymers by exploiting the(More)
An electrical synapse, also known as a gap-junction, is a mechanical and electrically conductive link between two adjacent nerve cells. Without the need for receptors to recognise chemical messengers, gap-junctions are much faster than chemical synapses at relaying signals. From theoretical and modelling studies, it is known that although gap junctions can(More)
We propose a model for the formation of chromatin loops based on the diffusive sliding of a DNA-bound factor which can dimerise to form a molecular slip-link. Our slip-links mimic the behaviour of cohesin-like molecules, which, along with the CTCF protein, stabilize loops which organize the genome. By combining 3D Brownian dynamics simulations and 1D(More)