Davide Lefevre

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— This paper illustrates the activities under development within the FP7 EU MICIE project. The project is devoted to design and implement an on-line alerting system, able to evaluate, in real time, the level of risk of interdependent Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Such a risk is generated by undesired events and by the high level of interconnection of the(More)
Indicators of Quality of Service (QoS) of Fault Isolation and System Restoration (FISR) service, delivered by SCADA system are computed, discussed and correlated to quality indicators of power supplied to customers. In delivering FISR service, SCADA system, Telco network and Power grid act as a whole heterogeneous network. While SCADA system and Telco(More)
Rats were trained in a one-trial passive avoidance task and then were submitted to electroconvulsive shock (ECS) or to sham ECS. Twenty-four hours later they were tested for retention, with the door opened either immediately or 30 sec after the beginning of the test. Rats initially forced to avoid for 30 sec continued to avoid for the entire test, but the(More)
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