Davide Gardini

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In Part I, the processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of three silicon nitride-based ceramics were examined and their non-toxicity was demonstrated. In this Part II, some features critical to biomedical applications were investigated: (i) the wetting behaviour against aqueous media, including physiological solutions; (ii) the chemical(More)
This is a simple quantitative analysis of the electrical current transients recorded during the electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of TiO(2) particles from ethanol-based suspensions in which the linear correlation between the mass deposited and the charge passed was verified experimentally. Using this experimental knowledge as our starting point, we were able(More)
Nanostructured particles with a magnetic core and a photocatalytic shell are very interesting systems for their properties to be magnetically separable (and so reusable) in photocatalytic water depuration implant. Here, a robust, low time-consuming, easily scale up method to produce Fe(3)O(4)/SiO(2)/TiO(2) hierarchical nanostructures starting from(More)
In the last decade, the drop-on-demand (DOD) ink-jet printing has become the leading technology for the decoration of ceramic tiles. The inks employed for such application are colloidal suspensions of oxide particles (0.3 μm) whose stability (against agglomeration and over time) is fundamental to get successfully the tile decoration. Jettability from the(More)
This work is aimed at developing suitable nano-sized ceramic inks (nano-inks) for the ink-jet printing four-colour process. Nano-inks of different pigment composition were prepared with various solid loadings, and their chemico-physical properties, relevant for the ink-jet application, were measured. Moreover, penetration kinetics of the inks through(More)
Nano-sized ceramic inks suitable for ink-jet printing have been developed for the four-colours CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) process. Nano-inks of different pigment composition (Co(1-x)O, Au(0), Ti(1-x-y)Sb(x)Cr(y)O2, CoFe2O4) have been prepared with various solid loadings and their chemicophysical properties (particle size, viscosity, surface(More)
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