Davide Corona

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The chromatin accessibility complex (CHRAC) belongs to the class of nucleosome remodeling factors that increase the accessibility of nucleosomal DNA in an ATP-dependent manner. We found that CHRAC induces movements of intact histone octamers to neighboring DNA segments without facilitating their displacement to competing DNA or histone chaperones in trans.(More)
In the paper a new Multi-Layers approach (called Multi-Layers Model M LM) for the analysis of stochastic signals and its application to the analysis of gene expression data is presented. It consists in the generation of sub-samples from the input signal by applying a threshold technique based on cut-set optimal conditions. The M LM has been applied on(More)
Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNPs) are a highly conserved family of RNA-binding proteins able to associate with nascent RNAs in order to support their localization, maturation and translation. Research over this last decade has remarked the importance of gene regulatory processes at post-transcriptional level, highlighting the emerging roles(More)
Nucleosome organization in eukaryotic genomes has a deep impact on gene function. Although progress has been recently made in the identification of various concurring factors influencing nucleosome positioning, it is still unclear whether nucleosome positions are sequence dictated or determined by a random process. It has been postulated for a long time(More)
MOTIVATION Thanks to research spanning nearly 30 years, two major models have emerged that account for nucleosome organization in chromatin: statistical and sequence specific. The first is based on elegant, easy to compute, closed-form mathematical formulas that make no assumptions of the physical and chemical properties of the underlying DNA sequence.(More)
In the quest for a mathematical measure able to capture and shed light on the dual notions of information and complexity in biosequences, Hazen et al. have introduced the notion of Functional Information (FI for short). It is also the result of earlier considerations and findings by Szostak and Carothers et al. Based on the experiments by Charoters et al.,(More)
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