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Information economics provides important tools to articulate an economics analysis of the governance mechanisms for the generation and exploitation of localized technological knowledge. A variety of hybrid forms of knowledge governance ranging from coordinated transactions and constructed interactions to quasi-hierarchies can be found between the two(More)
The Free Libre Open Source Software represents an outstanding example of " open development model of technological knowledge ". It has been studied in several researches that produced valuable illustrations of the way it works. Our understanding of its principal features is growing exponentially and an entire new literature on open source has been created.(More)
The pervasive implementation of Information Technologies paved the way to significant transformations in the retail banking sector, including organizational changes as well as a broader product range. The central theme that is discussed in this paper is the degree to which the unfolding of a technological trajectory provided incentives to agents for the(More)
The objective of this paper is to propose a multidisciplinary approach for the analysis of demand and innovation. It combines insights from studies on technology diffusion, evolutionary economics and cognitive psychology to argue that consumption and demand are learning processes driven by trial-and-error, rather than by ex-ante maximization. The paper(More)
(UK), with a dual appointment at the Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC) and the Manchester Business School. His research interests are the economics and management of innovation. He has published on the emergence and development of new technologies, organizational and institutional changes, and the relation between demand and(More)
The main argument of this paper is that consumption and demand, like production, are discovery processes guided by trial-and-error and learning by consuming. The key question that is addressed is: how do consumers deal with innovation? By bringing together a number of threads within the innovation literature my claim is that consumers, akin to firms, follow(More)