Davide Colombi

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Knowledge of realistic power levels is key when conducting accurate EMF exposure assessments. In this study, downlink output power distributions for radio base stations in 2G and 3G mobile communication networks have been assessed. The distributions were obtained from network measurement data collected from the Operations Support System, which normally is(More)
In this paper, different methods for practical numerical radio frequency exposure compliance assessments of radio base station products were investigated. Both multi-band base station antennas and antennas designed for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmission schemes were considered. For the multi-band case, various standardized assessment methods(More)
Human exposure to the radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by radio base stations (RBS) is proportional to the transmitted power. Thus, knowledge of actual power levels is key for a correct estimate of the actual EMF exposure. In this study, downlink output power distributions for RBSs in a 4G LTE mobile communication network have been(More)
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