Davide Cavagnino

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In this paper, a block-based watermarking scheme based on the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is proposed. Our watermark, a pseudo-random Gaussian sequence, is embedded by modifying the angles formed by the right singular vectors of each block of the original image. The orthogonality property of the right singular vector matrix is preserved during the(More)
Automatic recognition of complex images is a hard and computationally expensive task, mainly because it is extremely difficult to capture in an automatic way and with a few features the necessary discriminant information. If such features were available, a proper learning system could be trained to distinguish images of different kinds of objects, starting(More)
Extended Abstract Multicast communications have generated increasing interest during the past few years. This is due, in principle, to the obvious potential for improvement in the use of network resources: data is sent to a number of diierent recipients in just one transmission, instead of requiring the setup and the maintenance of distinct unicast(More)