Davide Borrello

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An approach to analyse the properties of a particle system is to compare it with different processes to understand when one of them is larger than other ones. The main technique for that is coupling, which may not be easy to construct. We give a characterization of stochastic order between different interacting particle systems in a large class of processes(More)
We use interacting particle systems to investigate survival and extinction of a species with colonies located on each site of Z. In each of the four models studied, an individual in a local population can reproduce, die or migrate to neighbouring sites. We prove that an increase of the death rate when the local population density is small (the Allee effect)(More)
The stability in humid environment of low pressure chemical vapor deposited boron doped zinc oxide (LPCVD ZnO:B) used as transparent conductive oxide in thin film silicon solar cells is investigated. Damp heat treatment (exposition to humid and hot atmosphere) induces a degradation of the electrical properties of unprotected LPCVD ZnO:B layers. By combining(More)
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