Davide Bochicchio

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Somatic mutations in the alpha-chain (alpha s) of the stimulatory regulatory protein of adenylyl cyclase (Gs) causing constitutive activation of the enzyme have been identified in a subset of human GH-secreting pituitary adenomas. This study reports on the differences between acromegalic patients bearing tumors without (group 1; n = 51) or with (group 2; n(More)
Hypercortisolism attributable to hypersecretion of ACTH by a pituitary adenoma is an uncommon and progressively lethal disease. Because of its rarity, it has been difficult to collect a large series of patients in order to identify the prognostic factors influencing the outcome after transsphenoidal surgery. We conducted a multicenter, retrospective(More)
A class of nanomaterials possessing the highest degree of chiral symmetry, the chiral icosahedral symmetry, is found by a combination of global optimization searches and first-principle calculations. These nanomaterials are core-shell nanoalloys with a Cu, Ni, or Co core and a chiral Ag or Au shell of monatomic thickness. The chiral shell is obtained by a(More)
The aggregation of binary colloids of the same size and balanced charges is studied by Brownian dynamics simulations for dilute suspensions. It is shown that, under appropriate conditions, the formation of colloidal crystals is dominated by kinetic effects leading to the growth of well-ordered crystallites of the sodium-chloride (NaCl) bulk phase. These(More)
High serum PRL and low zinc (Zn) levels are common findings in patients with chronic renal failure (CRF); in such patients serum Zn concentrations have been reported to be inversely correlated to serum PRL levels. Moreover, Zn regulates both thymus growth and the biological activity of the thymic hormone thymulin, and PRL-thymic interrelationships have been(More)
The effects of the acute administration of sodium-valproate (400 mg po) on plasma ACTH levels were studied in 4 patients with Cushing's disease, 1 with Nelson's syndrome and in 3 with Addison's disease. No significant reduction of corticotropin concentration was observed, as compared to saline infusion. These data do not favor the hypothesis of an(More)
Growth hormone (GH) increase after thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) has been documented in many pathological conditions. In order to evaluate whether exposure to growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF) might contribute to this effect in normal subjects, we studied GH responses to placebo, TRH, GRF and GRF plus TRH either in basal condition or after GRF(More)
Although somatostatin inhibits a variety of pituitary and non-pituitary hormones, not univocal data on its effects on ACTH release have been reported so far. In this study we investigated the effects of somatostatin or octreotide on ACTH levels of patients with corticotropin hypersecretion: 7 patients with Addison's disease, 2 patients previously(More)
Up to now, the diagnosis of silent corticotroph cell pituitary adenomas has been made only on histopathological basis. In this paper we describe 6 women affected with pituitary adenomas, without evident clinical features of hypercortisolism, in whom retrospective data suggested the possibility of clinically diagnosing silent corticotropinomas in vivo. In(More)