Davide Benetti

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Several different secure routing protocols have been proposed for determining the appropriate paths on which data should be transmitted in ad hoc networks. In this paper, we focus on two of the most relevant such protocols, ARAN and end air A, and present the results of a formal analysis that we have carried out using the AVISPA Tool, an automated model(More)
Dedicated to my parents Pietro and Maria Valeria and to my brothers Francesco and Matteo for supporting and sustaining me during these years and particularly in the last hard times. None of this could have been done without them. Acknowledgement In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult part of a thesis. No matter how long is the list of people you(More)
VoIP communication is increasingly widespread on the global Net. However, VoIP voice quality suffers in highly non-isochronous environments showing high RTT variance. In order to alleviate this quality loss, many algorithms have been proposed to recognize and eliminate acoustic echo and noise. In this paper we analyze the performance of some echo(More)
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