Davide Appello

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This paper addresses the issue of testing and diagnosing a memory core embedded in a complex SOC. The proposed solution is based on a P1500-compliant wrapper that follows a programmable BIST approach and is able to support both testing and diagnosis. Experimental results are provided allowing to evaluate the benefits and limitations of the adopted solution(More)
Adaptive testing is a generic term for a number of techniques which aim at improving the test quality and/or reducing the test application costs. In adaptive tests, the test content or pass/fail limits are not fixed as in conventional tests, but dependent on other test results of the currently or previously tested chips. Part-average testing, outlier(More)
This paper proposes a new solution for the diagnosis of faults into embedded RAMs, currently under evaluation within STMicroelectronics. The proposed scheme uses dedicated circuitry embedded in a BIST wrapper, and an ATE test program to schedule the data extraction flow and to analyze the gathered information. Testing is performed exploiting a standard IEEE(More)