Davide Antonio Civello

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The CFTR (Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator) activity and localization are influenced by the cytoskeleton, in particular by actin and its polymerization state. In this study we investigated whether the expression of the hypertensive mutations of α-adducin (G460W-S586C in humans, F316Y in rats), an actin capping protein, led to a functional(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoke extract (CSE), a model for studying the effects of tobacco smoke in vivo and in vitro, induces cell oxidative stress and affects the antioxidative glutathione system. We evaluated the impact of CSE on airway epithelial cells and the possible cytoprotective effect of the mucolitic drug S-carboximethilcysteine lysine salt(More)
To optimise the efficiency of cell machinery, cells can use the same protein (often called a hub protein) to participate in different cell functions by simply changing its target molecules. There are large data sets describing protein-protein interactions ("interactome") but they frequently fail to consider the functional significance of the interactions(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Accurate genotyping of CYP2D6 is challenging due to its inherent genetic variation, copy number variation (duplications and deletions) and hybrid formation with highly homologous pseudogenes. Because a relatively high percentage (∼25%) of clinically prescribed drugs are substrates for this enzyme, accurate determination of its genotype for(More)
Pendrin is upregulated in bronchial epithelial cells following IL-4 stimulation via binding of STAT6 to an N4 GAS motif. Basal CpG methylation of the pendrin promoter is cell-specific. We studied if a correlation exists between IL-4 sensitivity and the CpG methylation status of the pendrin promoter in human bronchial epithelial cell models. METHODS(More)
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