Davide Adami

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We propose a Traffic Engineering (TE) architecture to supply Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) with an efficient support of diverse applications with different Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. The proposed TE-WMN architecture is based on the MPLS technology. Its main goal is to provide TE capabilities so that a heterogeneous infrastructure, made of wired(More)
Much interest has arisen recently on the access to and management of remote instrumentation and laboratory equipment in general. The complexity of activities related to these topics can be summarized under the name of Remote Instrumentation Services, where the term “instrumentation” includes any kind of experimental equipment, and the term(More)
The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used by the vast majority of Internet applications. Since its introduction in the 70s, a lot of variants have been proposed to cope with the different network conditions we can have (e.g., wired networks, wireless networks, satellite links) and nowadays Linux OS includes 13 different TCP variants. The aim of this(More)
We present an SDN-based orchestration system that enables automated and coordinated arrangement of both computing and network resources in virtualized DC environments. The orchestrator is validated through a set of simulations, as well as through experiments carried out in a real laboratory. Results show that the proposed orchestration system improves the(More)