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In the paper we present the EU funded DORII project (RI-213110). It intends to deploy e-Infrastructure for new scientific communities specifically for experimental equipment and instrumentation that are today not or only partially integrated with the European e-Infrastructure. DORII is focusing on communities concerning earthquake, environmental science and(More)
The increasing popularity of cloud computing applications and the advances in virtualization software technologies (i.e., Virtual Machine deployment) have driven Data Center infrastructures toward a greater complexity and workload dynamicity. Thus, a unified control and management of computing and network resources would be required for assuring proper(More)
The oversubscription of intra-Data Center links and the high volatility of Virtual Machine deployments require a flexible and agile control of the Data Center network infrastructure, possibly coordinated with computing and storage resources control. In this scenario, the Software-Defined Networking paradigm opens up new opportunities to design orchestrated(More)