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Convenient once-a-day dosage regimens are highly desirable in general, and especially for the treatment of asymptomatic diseases such as essential hypertension. Nifedipine is an insoluble, short-acting calcium channel blocker that presents a difficult technical challenge for formulation in a constant 24-hour delivery dosage form. Once-a-day dosage forms(More)
This investigation was conducted to assess the potential of carbamate pretreatment to exacerbate the ill effects of low doses of soman. Ambulatory Activity in a photocell cage (AA) and performance time on an accelerating rotarod (ARR) were used to test for interactions between pyridostigmine or physostigmine and soman. ED50s (i.e., dosages sufficient to(More)
Based on the principles of an elementary osmotic pump, systems were designed to deliver indomethacin in solution at a constant rate, Z, to contain a total amount of drug, Mt, and to deliver 80% of their content at time t80. To allow selection of the optimal delivery rate into the body, three different prototypes were prepared with respective values for Z,(More)
The essential features and mode of action of oral osmotic drug delivery systems (Oros) for metoprolol fumarate and oxprenolol succinate are described. Critical aspects in the development of systems for once-daily administration of both drugs are discussed, and methods for evaluating in vitro release characteristics are presented. In vitro testing confirmed(More)
The performance of oxprenolol and metoprolol Oros systems has been evaluated in the dog. One study compared in vivo and in vitro release from both systems over 2-14 h. The other compared the systemic availabilities of both drugs after 3 h infusion at a constant rate into the cephalic and hepatic portal veins, and into the lumen of the duodenum and colon. In(More)
It is demonstrated that under certain conditions there exists an optimal relationship, based on cost and performance, between the number of magnetic tape units and the number of digital computers in a business data-processing system. The relationship is derived in such a form as to indicate how the concept might be generally applied to any kind of system.(More)
Inn this paper, we investigate ann efficient off-line schedulingg algorithm inn whichh real-time tasks withh precedence constraints inn aa heterogeneous environment. It provides m ore features and capabilities thann existingg algorithms that schedule only independent tasks inn r eal-time homogeneous
Model calculations of Langmuir monolayers: Pressure effects on tilting behavior of idealized amphiphiles" (1996). Model amphiphiles consisting of lines of Lennard-Jones ͑LJ͒ centers are investigated to determine the effect of pressure and molecular geometry on ground-state tilting behavior. Both the amphiphile length and the intramolecular distance between(More)