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BACKGROUND Findings from several studies support the conclusion that spermatozoa contain a complex repertoire of mRNAs. Even though these mRNAs are thought to provide an insight into past events of spermatogenesis, their complexity and function have yet to be established. Our aim was to determine whether we could use spermatozoal mRNAs to generate a genetic(More)
Thirty-four matched pairs of sixth-and seventh-grade students were selected from 358 participants in a comparison of an explicit concrete-to-representational-to-abstract (CRA) sequence of instruction with traditional instruction for teaching algebraic transformation equations. Each pair of students had been previously labeled with a specific learning(More)
The two most influential traditions of contemporary theorizing about democracy, social choice theory and deliberative democracy, are generally thought to be at loggerheads, in that the former demonstrates the impossibility, instability or meaninglessness of the rational collective outcomes sought by the latter. We argue that the two traditions can be(More)
Even though the genetic fingerprint of human sperm has been defined, its role in orchestrating fertilization and the development of the early embryo remains vague. Here we show that human male gametes pass over more to the oocyte than just the haploid male genome--paternal messenger RNAs are also delivered to the egg at fertilization. If these transcripts,(More)
Fully automated 300mm manufacturing requires the adoption of a real-time lot dispatching paradigm. Automated dispatching has provided significant improvements over manual dispatching by removing variability from the thousands of dispatching decisions made every day in a fab. Real-time resolution of tool queues, with consideration of changing equipment(More)
During the haploid phase of mammalian spermatogenesis, nucleosomal chromatin is ultimately repackaged by small, highly basic protamines to generate an extremely compact, toroidal chromatin architecture that is critical to normal spermatozoal function. In common with several species, however, the human spermatozoon retains a small proportion of its chromatin(More)
CONTEXT The cognitive side effects of medications with anticholinergic activity have been documented among older adults in a variety of clinical settings. However, there has been no systematic confirmation that acute or chronic prescribing of such medications lead to transient or permanent adverse cognitive outcomes. OBJECTIVE Evaluate the existing(More)
In response to comments from the Board, the CREM made changes to the draft document. This document is available in printed and electronic form. The electronic version provides direct links to the cited and other useful references identified in the document. Disclaimer This document provides guidance to those who develop, evaluate, and apply environmental(More)
Research on spermatozoal RNA has made considerable progress since the original reports on its presence appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Through the use of stringent procedures aimed at eliminating contamination artefacts, we now appreciate that a complex cohort of mRNAs persists in the ejaculate cell but that 80S (cytoplasmic) ribosomal complexes(More)
This course is designed to provide a substantial foundational introduction to contemporary educational theories and discourses including brief discussions of logical positivism and structuralism, and focused study of neo-pragmatism; liberal democratic theory; diversity, race and postcolonial theories; critical theories; post-structuralism(s) and queer(More)