David de la Fuente

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The application of Artificial Intelligence described in this article is intended to resolve the issue of speculation on the stock market. Genetic Algorithms is the technique that is used, with the article focusing on the different ways that chromosomes can be designed and on how the pertinent evaluation mechanism is established. The problem will be based on(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to develop a methodology that is useful for analyzing, from a macroeconomic perspective, the aggregate demand and the aggregate supply features of the market of pharmaceutical generics. In order to determine the potential consumption and the potential production of pharmaceutical generics in different countries, two fuzzy(More)
The aim of this paper is to provide a more realistic description of priority-discipline queueing models by using Fuzzy Set Theory. It develops and optimizes two fuzzy queueing models with priority-discipline, a model with nonpreemptive priorities system and a model with preemptive priorities system, denoted by˜M i / ˜ M i /1 and˜M i /F i /1. The first(More)