David da Silva Pires

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is a successful intracellular pathogen that thrives in macrophages (Mφs). There is a need to better understand how Mtb alters cellular processes like phagolysosome biogenesis, a classical determinant of its pathogenesis. A central feature of this bacteria's strategy is the manipulation of Mφ actin. Here, we examined the role(More)
BACKGROUND Schistosomiasis is one of the most prevalent parasitic diseases worldwide and is a public health problem. Schistosoma mansoni is the most widespread species responsible for schistosomiasis in the Americas, Middle East and Africa. Adult female worms (mated to males) release eggs in the hepatic portal vasculature and are the principal cause of(More)
Given the ability of M. tuberculosis to survive as an intracellular pathogen and its propensity to develop resistance to the existing antituberculosis drugs, its treatment requires new approaches. Here the antimycobacterial properties of verapamil, thioridazine, chlorpromazine, flupenthixol and haloperidol were investigated against a panel of drug resistant(More)
This work presents a method for the detection, tracking and spatial matching of connected components in a 3D video stream. The video image information is combined with 3D sites in order to align pieces of surfaces that are seen in subsequent frames. This is a key step in 3D video analysis for enabling several applications such as compression, geometric(More)
In the last decade many advances have been made in understanding how HIV-1 interacts with macrophages (MØ) and dendritic cells (DC). Based on the notion that HIV-2 is a more attenuate model of infection, we proposed to explore the mechanisms of HIV-2 interaction with MØ and DCs. With this aim, we studied the efficiency of cis-infection of MØ and DCs. A(More)
Cathepsins are proteolytic enzymes that function in the endocytic pathway, especially in lysosomes, where they contribute directly to pathogen killing or indirectly, by their involvement in the antigen presentation pathways. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is a facultative intracellular pathogen that survives inside the macrophage phagosomes by inhibiting(More)
INTRODUCTION Rare adenosquamous carcinomas have no defined standard approach given their low incidence. They present with nonspecific imaging characteristics and are described as having worse prognosis than other lung malignancies, with greater likelihood of local invasion and early metastasis. PRESENTATION OF CASE Male caucasian patient, 43 years, 26(More)
We present an approach for motion estimation from videos captured by depth-sensing cameras. Our method uses the technique of graph matching to find groups of pixels that move to the same direction in subsequent frames. In order to choose the best matching for each patch, we minimize a cost function that accounts for distances on RGB and XYZ spaces. Our(More)
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