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My advisor, Professor Leveson has developed an accident modeling framework called STAMP (Systems Theoretic Accident Modeling and Processes.) Traditional accident models typically focus on component failure; in contrast, STAMP includes interactions between components as well as social, economic, and legal factors. My research extends Leveson's STAMP accident(More)
This paper presents a new approach to modeling and analyzing organizational culture, particularly safety culture. We have been experimentally applying it to the NASA manned space program as part of our goal to create a powerful new approach to risk management in complex systems. We describe the approach and give sample results of its applications to(More)
ABSTRACT A number of myths and misperceptions related to images of lesbian beauty surround hair length. Short hair has become a symbol of being a lesbian, and many lesbians with long hair have felt pressured to cut theirs when they come out. For this essay, seven white lesbians were interviewed regarding their long hair. They describe how, in choosing not(More)
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