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— A recent development in botnet technology is the adoption of P2P architecture as way to improve botnet resilience to disruption compared to the centralized architecture used by early botnets. Furthermore, in order to increase stealth and evade detection, many P2P botnets, such as storm, are employing fast flux service networks (FFSNs). We propose in this(More)
Botnets are becoming the predominant threat on the Internet today and is the primary vector for carrying out attacks against organizations and individuals. Botnets have been used in a variety of cybercrime, from click-fraud to DDOS attacks to the generation of spam. In this paper we propose an approach to detect botnet activity by classifying network(More)
Games have transformed from PC-based games to more immersive controllers, but gameplay has been limited to a digital screen or a virtual reality headset. In this demo, we present a novel indoor game that allows a player to maneuver the drone altitude by sensing their emotional state using affective sensors. This game demo introduces two innovations in(More)
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