David Y-K Chen

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Keywords: Taspase1 Protease inhibitor Peptide vinyl sulfone Epoxyketone Boronate Vinyl ketone a b s t r a c t Taspase1 is a threonine protease responsible for cleaving MLL (Mixed-Lineage Leukemia) to achieve proper HOX gene expression. Subsequent studies identified additional Taspase1 substrates including Transcription Factor IIA (TFIIA) and Drosophila HCF.(More)
As an especially unique target for chemical synthesis, diazonamide A has the potential to be constructed through a plethora of synthetic routes, each attended by different challenges and opportunities for discovery. In this article, we detail our second total synthesis of diazonamide A through a sequence entirely distinct from that employed in our first(More)
Sarcomas comprise a large heterogeneous group of mesenchymal cancers with limited therapeutic options. When treated with standard cytotoxic chemotherapies, many sarcomas fail to respond completely and rapidly become treatment resistant. A major problem in the investigation and treatment of sarcomas is the fact that no single gene mutation or alteration has(More)
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