David Y. Chen

Alexander D Ramos1
Matthew Bogyo1
Jeong Tae Lee1
J.-D Hsieh1
1Alexander D Ramos
1Matthew Bogyo
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  • Jeong Tae Lee, David Y Chen, Zhimou Yang, Alexander D Ramos, James, J.-D Hsieh +1 other
  • 2009
Keywords: Taspase1 Protease inhibitor Peptide vinyl sulfone Epoxyketone Boronate Vinyl ketone a b s t r a c t Taspase1 is a threonine protease responsible for cleaving MLL (Mixed-Lineage Leukemia) to achieve proper HOX gene expression. Subsequent studies identified additional Taspase1 substrates including Transcription Factor IIA (TFIIA) and Drosophila HCF.(More)
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