David X Yang

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Pixel level processing promises many significant advantages including high SNR, low power, and the ability to adapt image capture and processing to different environments by processing signals during integration. However, the severe limitation on pixel size has precluded its mainstream use. In this paper we argue that CMOS technology scaling will make pixel(More)
We overview our recent results on spatio-spectral control, diffraction management, broadband switching, and self-trapping of poly-chromatic light in periodic photonic lattices in the form of rainbow gap solitons, polychromatic surface waves, and multigap color breathers. We show that an interplay of wave scattering from a periodic structure and interaction(More)
Electroacupuncture (EA) has been successfully used to alleviate pain produced by various noxious stimulus. Cholecystokinin-8 (CCK-8) is a neuropeptide involved in the mediation of pain. We have previously shown that CCK-8 could antagonize the analgesic effects of EA on pain-excited neurons (PENs) and pain-inhibited neurons (PINs) in the nucleus(More)
We report SAR studies on a novel non-peptidic somatostatin receptor 3 (SSTR3) agonist lead series derived from (4-phenyl-1H-imidazol-2-yl)methanamine. This effort led to the discovery of a highly potent low molecular weight SSTR3 agonist 5c (EC50=5.2 nM, MW=359). The results from molecular overlays of 5c onto the L-129 structure indicate good alignment, and(More)
Multitendoned extrinsic muscles of the human hand can be divided into several neuromuscular compartments (NMCs), each of which contributes to the ability of human finger to produce independent finger movements or force. The aim of this study was to investigate the changes in the spatial activation of flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) during the fingertip(More)
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