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The method of statistical pattern integration used in this paper consists of reducing each set of mineral deposit indicator features on a map to a pattern of relatively few discrete states. In its simplest form the pattern for a feature is binary representing its presence or absence within a small unit cell; for example, with ar ea of 1 km 2 on a 1:250 ,000(More)
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Many western industrialized countries are currently suffering from a crisis in health human resources, one that involves a debate over the recruitment and licensing of foreign-trained doctors and nurses. The intense public policy interest in foreign-trained medical personnel, however, is not new. During the 1960s, western countries revised their immigration(More)
MIRI is the mid-IR instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope and provides imaging, coronography and integral field spectroscopy over the 5-28µm wavelength range. MIRI is the only instrument which is cooled to 7K by a dedicated cooler, much lower than the passively cooled 40K of the rest of JWST, which introduces unique challenges. The paper will(More)
BACKGROUND Somitogenesis is the earliest sign of segmentation in the developing vertebrate embryo. This process starts very early, soon after gastrulation has initiated and proceeds in an anterior-to-posterior direction during body axis elongation. It is widely accepted that somitogenesis is controlled by a molecular oscillator with the same periodicity as(More)
• Regulatory capital standards based on internal credit risk models would allow banks and supervisors to take advantage of the benefits of advanced risk-modeling techniques in setting capital standards for credit risk. • The internal-model (IM) capital standards for market risk provide a useful prototype for IM capital standards in the credit risk setting.(More)
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A lively session held at the end of a conference on Open Algebraic Varieties organized at the Centre de Recherches en Mathématiques in December 1994 produced a list of open problems that the participants would like to make available to the mathematical community. Thanks are due to the contributors, to D.-Q. Zhang, who undertook the initial collecting of the(More)