David Worth

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—This paper describes the design of an agent-based modeling framework for high performance computing. Rather than a collection of methods that require parallel programming expertise the framework presented allows modelers to concentrate on the model while the framework handles the efficient execution of simulations. The framework uses a state machine based(More)
Many of the complex systems found in biology are comprised of numerous components, where interactions between individual agents result in the emergence of structures and function, typically in a highly dynamic manner. Often these entities have limited lifetimes but their interactions both with each other and their environment can have profound biological(More)
High performance computing is essential for simulating complex problems using agent-based modelling (ABM). Researchers are hindered by complexities of porting models on parallel platforms and time taken to run large simulations on a single machine. This paper presents FLAME framework, the only supercomputing framework which automatically produces(More)
Neither the Council nor the Laboratory accept any responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of information contained in any of their reports or in any communication about their tests or investigations. Abstract This report describes an approach to the parallelisation of agent-based applications. FLAME is a generic program generator for(More)
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