David Worrall

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Many organisms adapted to live at subzero temperatures express antifreeze proteins that improve their tolerance to freezing. Although structurally diverse, all antifreeze proteins interact with ice surfaces, depress the freezing temperature of aqueous solutions, and inhibit ice crystal growth. A protein purified from carrot shares these functional features(More)
Despite intensive study, a comprehensive understanding of the structure of capital market trading data remains elusive. The one known application of audification to market price data reported in the 1990 that it was difficult to interpret the results probably because the market does not resonate according to acoustic laws. This paper reports on a technique(More)
Most of the software tools used for data sonification have been adopted or adapted from those designed to compose computer music, which in turn, adopted them from abstractly notated scores. Such adoptions are not value-free; by using them, the cultural paradigms underlying the music for which the tools were made have influenced the conceptualization and, it(More)
In this paper we propose a game-based virtual reality platform for evaluation of sonification techniques. We study the task of local-ization of stationary objects in virtual reality using auditory cues. We further explore sonification techniques and compare the performance in this task using the proposed platform. The virtual reality environment is(More)