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  • Razvan Peteanu, Jesús López de Aguileta, +13 authors Greg A. Woods
  • 2000
Acknowledgments Following the publication of version 2.0, the author has received useful comments and contributions from the following people (in alphabetical order): This document has and can become better thanks to such feedback. No document can be comprehensive, though. The reader is highly encouraged to look at other works such as those listed in the(More)
In a range of settings, message overload has become a serious problem. People are spending more and more effort managing their inbox to cope with an overload of input messages, with little support for stepping back to put things into perspective (Woods et al., 2002). In the field of intelligence analysis we have seen a fantastic growth in the amount of(More)
Irradiation for phytosanitary purposes. Is it a myth, or a viable alternative to chemical treatments? Plant mutation breeding at Southern Cross University-irradiation and how it relates to other technologies 1345 Michael Colella, ANSTO The contribution of gamma irradiation to forensic counter-terrorism research activities 1400 Yoichi Furuya, ANU Gamma-ray(More)