David Wofford

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Implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) is a major initiative that should be undertaken only after a thoughtful analysis of the costs and benefits involved. Unfortunately, demonstrating financial returns on an EMR often is regarded as an inexact science at best, which has caused many healthcare executives to avoid adopting this technology. With the(More)
The number of anesthesia providers has not kept pace with increasing demand for their services. The supply of certified registered nurse anesthetists is decreasing. Hospital administrators need to recognize that these declining numbers will give anesthesiologists increased leverage during contract negotiations. Hospitals should prepare for negotiations with(More)
Developing the right mind-set for collaboration involves consideration of: The organization's market position and customer base The type of structure that best complements the hospital's culture The incentives needed to drive alignment. The tools to share credible data related to utilization, cost, and quality. The need for shared control.
Business operates within a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) system that the global health community should harness to advance women's health and related sustainable development goals for workers and communities in low- and middle-income countries. Corporations and their vast networks of supplier companies, particularly in manufacturing and(More)
The 1990s have seen many health care organizations attempting to merge, acquire, or affiliate with physician groups. Many have failed to provide physicians a stake in the success of the newly formed enterprise, frequently resulting in declining physician productivity, poor morale, and large operating losses. These problems warrant a reexamination of the(More)
To improve the profitability of group practice ownership, some healthcare organizations have structured arrangements to include a form of physician equity. An equity incentive is designed to encourage physician behavior that supports business operations by tying financial reward to overall organizational performance. Three physician-equity(More)
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