David Wilson

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RATIONALE To study the relationship between emphysema and/or airflow obstruction and lung cancer in a high-risk population. OBJECTIVE We studied lung cancer related to radiographic emphysema and spirometric airflow obstruction in tobacco-exposed persons who were screened for lung cancer using chest computed tomography (CT). METHODS Subjects completed(More)
RATIONALE The role of computed tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer is controversial, currently under study, and not yet fully elucidated. OBJECTIVES To report findings from initial and 1-year repeat screening low-radiation-dose CT of the chest and 3-year outcomes for 50- to 79-year-old current and ex-smokers in the Pittsburgh Lung Screening Study(More)
We present the first provably polynomial time sampling scheme for generating spin configurations of any ferromagnetic Ising system, one of the most widely studied models in statistical mechanics. The algorithm is based on the randomized approximation scheme of Jerrum and Sinclair which estimates the partition function of the Ising system using the so-called(More)
Patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) commonly experience weight loss. An increased energy expenditure for respiration might explain the increased caloric requirements and weight loss seen in this patient population. We measured the oxygen cost of augmenting ventilation (O2 cost) using an open circuit technique with dead-space(More)
The Markov chain Monte Carlo method is a general technique for obtaining samples from a probability distribution. In earlier work, we showed that for many applications one can modify the Markov chain Monte Carlo method so as to remove all bias in the output resulting from the biased choice of an initial state for the chain; we have called this method(More)
INTRODUCTION Laser Doppler imaging produces a colour-coded image of dermal blood flow, which can be used to quantify the inflammatory response in a burn. The original colour palette had arbitrary boundaries, which inexperienced clinicians found difficult to interpret. The aim of this study was to define clinically useful boundaries that would assist in the(More)
This study reviews the relationship between body weight, pulmonary function, and survival in the recent clinical trial of intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB). We related body weight, expressed as a percent of the ideal (%IBW), to the numerous other features of the disease recorded in this data set. Body weight was directly related to FEV1 (p =(More)
We have previously reported the association of significant malnutrition with pulmonary emphysema and noted that the degree of malnutrition correlated with some measures of pulmonary function. The purpose of this study was to examine the energy requirements of malnourished patients with emphysema and acute effects of nutritional repletion on indices of(More)
OBJECTIVES Anatomic segmentectomy is increasingly being considered as a means of achieving an R0 resection for peripheral, small, stage I non-small-cell lung cancer. In the current study, we compare the results of video-assisted thoracic surgery (n = 104) versus open (n = 121) segmentectomy in the treatment of stage I non-small-cell lung cancer. METHODS A(More)