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Toward A Contingent Urban Neoliberalism
Neoliberal governance has recently come to dominate U.S. and U.K. cities. This discussion explores an important idea that British and American urban geographers now grapple with: contingent urban
Interaction Between Scientists and Nonscientists in Community-Based Watershed Management: Emergence of the Concept of Stream Naturalization
The authors' personal experience in watershed planning and decision making in the agricultural Midwest is described to illustrate how: (1) formalization of the process of community-based management
Social Capital and Local Governance: Exploring the Institutional Design Variable
This article argues that Robert Putnam's social capital thesis is too society-centred and undervalues state agency and associated political factors. It explores the role of institutional design in
Sharing the Ganges: The Politics and Technology of River Development
Introduction A Diversion The Decision To Build Farakka Conflict and Disagreement - 1947-1971 Co-Operation and Agreement - 1971-1977 The Effects of Farakka Augmenting the Ganges Flow Negotiations and
Local Government in the United Kingdom
PART 1: LOCAL GOVERNMENT: THE BASICS - Introduction - Our Aims and Approach - Themes and Issues in Local Government - Why Elected Local Government? - The Development of Local Government - Current
Balancing revisability and robustness? A new institutionalist perspective on local government modernization
This article focuses upon one particular aspect of new institutionalist thinking – that which analyses the scope for, and constraints upon, deliberate interventions in institutional change. New
Local Political Leadership
Introduction Part One: Understanding local political leadership: Concepts and theories Political culture and leadership behaviour Maintaining cohesiveness Developing strategic direction External
Gentrification, Discourse, and the Body: Chicago's Humboldt Park
Gentrification today spreads and deepens in US cities. In this paper we examine the progentrification rhetoric and tactics confronted by the second largest Puerto Rican community in the United
Unravelling Control Freakery: Redefining Central-Local Government Relations
Central-local relations have been of particular interest since the Labour government came to power in 1997. Both academics and practitioners have pointed to tensions within the Labour government's