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The travelling salesman problem is a classical problem in the field of combinatorial optimization, concerned with efficient methods for maximizing or minimizing a function of many independent variables. Given the positions of N cities, which in the simplest case lie in the plane, what is the shortest closed tour in which each city can be visited once? We(More)
I present a novel analysis of abnormal retinocollicular maps in mice in which the distribution of EphA receptors over the retina has been modified by knockin and/or knockout of these receptor types. My analysis shows that in all these cases, whereas the maps themselves are discontinuous, the graded distribution of EphA over the nasotemporal axis of the(More)
Marr's theory of the cerebellar cortex as an associative learning device is one of the best examples of a theory that directly relates the function of a neural system to its neural structure. However, although he assigned a precise function to each of the identified cell types of the cerebellar cortex, many of the crucial aspects of the implementation of(More)
A novel, biophysically realistic model for early-stage, acetylcholine-mediated retinal waves is presented. In this model, neural excitability is regulated through a slow after-hyperpolarization (sAHP) operating on two different temporal scales. As a result, the simulated network exhibits competition between a desynchronizing effect of spontaneous,(More)
There is significant interest amongst neuroscientists in sharing neuroscience data and analytical tools. The exchange of neuroscience data and tools between groups affords the opportunity to differently re-analyze previously collected data, encourage new neuroscience interpretations and foster otherwise uninitiated collaborations, and provide a framework(More)
The requirements for neuroinformatics to make a significant impact on neuroscience are not simply technical--the hardware, software, and protocols for collaborative research--they also include the legal and policy frameworks within which projects operate. This is not least because the creation of large collaborative scientific databases amplifies the(More)