David Willis

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The objective of this study was to define clinical and imaging characteristics of periaortitis prior to and after therapy with immunosuppressive drugs. Four consecutive patients with periaortitis (two secondary to atherosclerosis and two with rheumatic diseases) were studied with contrast-enhanced CT and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), rheumatologic(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Many radiation oncologists are reluctant to use anteroposterior-posteroanterior (AP-PA) field arrangements when treating gastric cancer with adjuvant postoperative radiotherapy due to concerns about normal tissue toxicity, particularly in relation to the kidneys and spinal cord. In this report, we describe a multiple-field conformal(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent diverticulitis has been reported in up to 30% to 40% of patients who recover from an episode of colonic diverticular abscess, so elective interval resection is traditionally recommended. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to review the outcomes of patients who underwent percutaneous drainage of colonic diverticular abscess without(More)
PURPOSE The INT0116 study has established postoperative chemoradiotherapy as the standard of care for completely resected gastric adenocarcinoma. However, the optimal chemoradiation regimen remains to be defined. We conducted a prospective, multicenter study to evaluate an alternative chemoradiation regimen that combines more current systemic treatment with(More)
Prior studies have suggested that young patients may be more prone to recurrent disease after carotid endarterectomy (CEA). The goal of this study was to review a series of CEAs performed on younger patients (< or = 55 years) and to determine if these patients are more likely to develop recurrent stenosis. A review was conducted of CEAs performed from 1985(More)
Wikis have a growing reputation on the open Internet for producing evolving stores of shared knowledge. However, such democratic systems are often treated with suspicion within corporations for management, legal, social, and other reasons. This article describes a field study of a corporate Wiki that has been developed to capture, and make available,(More)
A PubMed search of the biomedical literature was carried out to systematically review the role of laparoscopy in colonic diverticular disease. All original reports comparing elective laparoscopic, hand-assisted, and open colon resection for diverticular disease of the colon, as well as original reports evaluating outcomes after laparoscopic lavage for acute(More)
BACKGROUND Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in Ireland accounts for approximately 5000 deaths annually. Little published evidence exists on survival from OHCA in this country to date. We aimed to characterise and describe 'presumed cardiac' OHCA in Cork City and County attended by the Ambulance Service. METHODS Dispatch records, ambulance patient(More)
The kidneys are a principal dose-limiting organ in radiotherapy for upper abdominal cancers. The current understanding of kidney radiation dose response is rudimentary. More precise dose-volume response models that allow direct correlation of delivered radiation dose with spatio-temporal changes in kidney function may improve radiotherapy treatment planning(More)