David Widiger

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Recent CAD methodologies of Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) have naturally led to a significant increase in the number of process and layout parameters that have to be taken into account in design-rule checking. Methodological consistency requires that a similar number of parameters be taken into account during layout parasitic extraction. Because of the(More)
One means of reducing pessimism in crosstalk analysis is to consider timing orthogonality. While earlier works have addressed the temporal alignment of timing windows [1, 2, 3, 4], these treatments have overlooked one key point. Crosstalk noise failures are frequency dependent. A chip that functions at one frequency can fail due to crosstalk noise at faster(More)
We present a noise-driven effective capacitance method for estimating the combined propagation noise and crosstalk noise. Gate propagation noise rules are efficiently calculated inside the Ceff procedure to determine a linear Thevenin model of the victim driver. A voltage-dependent current source model [2, 6] of the driver, along with a load capacitor is(More)
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