David Whitsett

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The purpose of this investigation was to characterize the effects of marathon training on single muscle fiber contractile function in a group of recreational runners. Muscle biopsies were obtained from the gastrocnemius muscle of seven individuals (22 +/- 1 yr, 177 +/- 3 cm, and 68 +/- 2 kg) before, after 13 wk of run training, and after 3 wk of taper.(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES This study examines the accuracy of recalled gestational weight gain and maximum weight gain during pregnancy and evaluates which factors have an impact on those estimates. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING Adolescent pregnancy clinic in an urban hospital. SUBJECTS Forty postpartum adolescents were recruited. Half the subjects(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the physiological and performance effects of two frequencies and volumes of long slow distance (LSD) training in novice male and female marathoners. Subjects (N = 51) were healthy college students who had not previously run a marathon. They were matched on peak oxygen consumption (VO2peak) into a 6 d.wk-1 (G6) or a(More)
PURPOSE Mental health clinicians who work with asylum seekers provide services to patients who face stressful everyday living conditions. However, little is known about how these problems potentially impact psychiatric treatment within these populations. The purpose of this study was thus to examine whether resettlement factors predict outcomes of a mental(More)
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