David Westberg

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[1] Satellite observations of carbon monoxide (CO) from the Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) instrument are combined with measurements from the Transport and Chemical Evolution Over the Pacific (TRACE-P) aircraft mission over the northwest Pacific and with a global three-dimensional chemical transport model (GEOSCHEM) to quantify Asian(More)
11.5 A 900MHz UHF RFID Reader Transceiver IC feedback to reduce sensitivity to clock jitter [6]. The decimation chain following the ADC allows the decimation factor to be set 1. Kipnis', S. Chiu2, M. Loyer2, J. Carrigan, J. Rapp3, P. Johansson3, from 16 to 128. This is to keep the ratio between the signal bandD. Westberg3, J. Johansson3 width and filter(More)
[1] Airborne whole air samples collected over the western Pacific in spring, 2001 showed depletion of tetrachloroethene (C2Cl4) in every upper tropospheric (UT) air parcel that had interacted with large areas of cirrus less than three days upwind. The amount of C2Cl4 depletion showed a negative correlation with time since the interaction, consistent with(More)
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