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To date, the objective of creating pleasurable products has concentrated on designers articulating and interpreting user needs as part of the product creation process. This paper explores approaches to enable users to adapt, modify, specify or create products to match their needs directly. Using the potential of new technologies, active consumers can now(More)
An ELISA was developed and optimized to measure cell proliferation using a monoclonal antibody to bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd). Incorporation of BrdUrd into myoblast monolayers, measured as the optical density at 492 nm, increased in response to fetal calf serum, IGF-I and EGF, the ELISA data correlated closely with data obtained by BrdUrd immunocytochemistry(More)
Eighty-eight patients with the onset of epilepsy in adult life were randomly allocated to treatment with sodium valproate (600 mg/day), or phenytoin (300 mg/day), and followed up for at least 12 months. Both drugs were highly effective in the control of tonic-clonic seizures, irrespective of whether they were accompanied by focal features, but were markedly(More)
Thirty-five children known to have had respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in infancy were examined at the age of 8 and their respiratory function tested. The results were compared with those in 35 controls matched for age, sex, and social class. Although 18 of the children who had had bronchiolitis in infancy had experienced subsequent episodes of(More)
The performance of both heterosexual and homosexual males and females was compared on four cognitive tasks which have been shown to reveal evidence of sexual dimorphism. In one spatial and one verbal task, significant sex and orientation effects were found. Significant relationships were also found between salivary free-testosterone levels and performance(More)
This study was carried out to test the hypothesis that sustained hyperprolactinaemia in patients with prolactinomas stimulates hypothalamic dopaminergic activity via a short loop positive feedback effect of prolactin (PRL). The intensity of dopamine (DA) effects on the pituitary around the adenoma was evaluated by measuring thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)(More)