David Wee-Gin Lim

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Microfluidic systems can conveniently be used for rapid analysis of biological samples. Here we describe a single re-circulating flow, or microvortex, that can generate a maximum fluid rotational velocity of up to 12 m s(-1) and a corresponding radial acceleration in excess of 10(6)g. Such microvortices may be exploited in centrifugal microdevices to(More)
An LC/MS/MS-based method was developed for the determination of individual bile acids (BA) and their conjugates in porcine bile samples. The C18-based solid-phase extraction (SPE) procedure was optimized so that all 19 target BA and their glycine and taurine conjugates were collected with high recoveries for standards (89.1–100.2 %). Following this, all 19(More)
Plastics are increasingly being used for the fabrication of Lab-on-a-Chip devices due to the variety of beneficial material properties, affordable cost, and straightforward fabrication methods available from a range of different types of plastics. Rapid prototyping of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) devices has become a well-known process for the quick and easy(More)
The joint goals of blind equalization and source separation in multipath MIMO systems in the presence of delay spread can be achieved by employing the combined cross-correlation (CC) and constant modulus algorithm (CMA), a.k.a. the CC-CMA. It is believed that the output energy will inevitably be scaled down due to the non-zero contribution of the CC term.(More)
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